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OK, I'm So Proud of Myself!

My wireless card died on me (only I wasn't sure that was the problem or not) and of course I called my computer savvy sons. They had me try this and do that and of course I feel totally lost. But I muddled through. Then I get the dreadded news,

You need to back everything up and reload everything because my settings seemed to be missing.
Soooooo, I spend a very long tedious day backing up my files (which I should have been doing anyway *smile*). Then today, a thought ran through my mind,
Would the system restore feature on my computer, which I have never tried, but had seen several times, work?
Timidley, I took a look and chose a date from their calendar when the system had been backed up. It worked, and it didn't delete anything, which means I wouldn't have lost anything! Oh well, now I do have everything backed up or printed off.

Different topic: I just got off the phone with one of my clients. We spent the day together. She needs work so I hired her for helping me do some cleaning. Then we had lunch together and visited. I asked if she would watch the Joshua Harris video on finding true love. I had a chance to talk to her tonight and share the gospel. Please pray for her that God would convict her of sin and draw her to Himself. Pray for spiritual awareness on her part and for wisdom on my part.


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