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It was great

It was so great to see the sun shining this morning. Your day just seems easier when the sun is shining. Anyway...

On Sunday evenings for the next few weeks a group of about 8-9 are listening to the biography of George Mulleur. Another woman and I are reading for about 40 minutes, then we stop for comments or questions. I had heard of Mulleur's work with orphanges, but had never read his complete biography. I have been so blessed to hear how God blessed this man of faith. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be challenged by this man's testimony. He never received a salary. He never accepted funds from unbelievers. He never shared his needs to anyone except God. By the time he was 32, he had recorded over 2000 answers to prayers. He didn't get saved until his early 20's (I think). 3 ororphanges with 96 children and only like 9 adults. Amazing! Today, our Department of Child and Family Services would have a fit.

My laptop screen has lost its screws and will no longer hold itself up. The plastic covers/hinges have just fallen apart. Woe is me! I have no idea if they can be replaced or how much it will cost.


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