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Several months ago, in preparation to teach my mother's Sunday School class, I came upon the web site of The Temple Institute. It was so fascinating, I ended up spending hours looking at all the iems they have ready to reinstiute the sacrificial system in Jerusalem. If you have never been there, it is worth your while to visit. http://www.templeinstitute.org Anyway, I am on the prayer chain (for lack of a better word) to pray for Israel. This group recently sponsored a trip to Israel. While there they had a banquet and invited many Jewish leaders to attend. They sent out a prayer letter and a publication on Israel. In the letter they related this exciting news.

We distributed about 1,200 of our new publication while we were in Israel! At our banquet, there was a copy of the publication at each seat and we were privileged to have 35 Israelis attend the banquet. The Director of The Temple Institure (the institution that is making the instruments to be used in the new Temple as well as the High Priest's garments) was among our guests at the banquet. While there, one of our tour members witnessed him reading our publication through, and then he began reading it again. Upon our return to the States, Jack Heintz received a call from the Director of the Institute telling Jack how impressed he is with the publication and that he has loaned it out to others. He requested additional copies so that he can distribute them! We have heard other positive reports and are so thankful that God is using our publication to reach souls for Jesus Christ!

Reading that just made goose bumps on my arms. Maybe reading it you might also be in awe to see God at work lovingly drawing his people to Messiah Jeshua! I am going to pray in earnest for this director.


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