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Childhood Memory # 6 Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital (Part Two)

I was admitted to Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital. They put me in a ward with several children. I remember being right by the door. They took a lot of blood samples, day after day. They still didn’t have a clue what was wrong. Meanwhile, I was getting weaker and weaker. They would get me out of bed and stand me up, then say “walk to me”. I couldn’t do it. They wanted an x-ray, so down I go to that department. They stand me in front of an x-ray machine and tell me to stand still. I can’t, I just slid to the floor. They were clueless. They would bring my food on a tray and sit it on the bed table. I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t reach my arm up or hold a spoon. Then when they came to get the tray, they would fuss at me because I didn’t eat. When my mom came to be with me, she brought something and helped me eat by feeding me. Finally, they told my mom, they didn’t know what was wrong with me, but they had ruled out polio. I was on my way to another hospital.


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