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Childhood Memory #5 Bowling Alley Fire

I’m not sure just how old I was when this event happened. I was somewhere around 6 years, maybe a little older. Our Chief of police was greatly loved by everyone. He used to go street to street and fill his car with us kids. Then he would take us either to the A&W root beet stand or the local Dairy Queen. Our city had a bowling alley. One day it caught on fire. I was at home when we found out and my dad went up to the fire. When he found out that our Chief of Police was trapped inside, and the local fire department wouldn’t go in because it was too dangerous, He went in, telling the firemen to put the hose on him. He went in and pulled out our CP, but he did not survive the fire. I remember being so proud of my father. He was willing to risk his own life to save a friend. When the fire was reported in the newspaper, they gave all the credit to the firefighters. I remember being so mad, but it didn’t seem to phase my dad. He wasn’t interested in getting praise, but that he didn’t get to bring him out alive.


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