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Into Neutral

I have a tendency to go into neutral when I am feeling overwhelmed with life. I am sure that is part of my "brain fatigue". There are things I can do, but don't want to; and things I can do only if someone is available to assist me, and things I don't want to do, but I have to do. Then there are things I wish I could do, but can't because I've lost the time or energy to do them. When that is the situation, I feel so frustrated, not at anyone else, but at my dependence on someone else, or someone else's dependence on me. I don't know if that makes any sense or not. Never-the-less, I am getting some things done.

I did enjoy working on a scrapbook with my granddaughter, Amie, last week. She spent the summer with her other grandparents in NC. Judy (her other g'ma) has worked for Folkmoot USA for several summers. Amie was able to interact and get some autographs and pictures from groups around the world. We started with the Columbian group. It will take us quite a while to work through it all. I believe there were seven countries represented this last summer. I found a government web site that gives a lot of general information on all countries. I am incorporating some of that into her album. (every moment is a teachable moment!)

Continue to pray with me about the five couples who are having problems in their marriages. I continue to lift them up before the Lord for healing and restoration and appreciate anyone who will join me on their behalf. For more information, see blog entry: "A Heart Cry".



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