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My husband and I just got back from our vacation. We had a very relaxing time. We found a camping spot outside of Havana, Illinois just a few hours northwest of us. The first week was very quiet and suited us just fine. We played games, read, visited tourist sites, and generally had a great time. Maybe the highlight was the dulcimer concert held last Sunday afternoon. It was great! Not only did they have some very talented performers, but it had an 'open mic' for anyone in the audience who wanted to perform. We heard some very good music by people of all ages. It was amazing to hear them and realize that they had only been playing for a short time. It was hosted by the Dickson Mounds Museum; which is built on an Indian burial ground.

The museum was interesting. Many of the designs used and found by archeologist has within it an equal cross (all points were the same size like a red cross symbol). Dick and I speculated on that fact, wondering if it was the result of some passed down knowledge of a religious nature. An archeologist was there when we went through the museum. We asked him, but he stated,

The information and relics found really do not give an answer to this
, but I think it could be plausabe.

On our way home, we visited the new Lincoln Museum in Springfield. It is quite good and they try to give an honest look at Lincoln's life. It would be a worthwhile trip for anyone who is interested in history. There were two rooms we didn't get to tour before the museum closed. We hope to make another trip to see them. There is also a new Lincoln library as part of the exhibits, but they were closed for Labor Day.


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