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Andrew's home

It has been a little while since I have

so I will take a few minutes to let you know just what is going on in the RA Wall household.

We managed to get furniture moved around and the carpets cleaned, and some additional spring cleaning done before many sisters and brother, nephews, nieces, spouses, and great-nephews & nieces came to spend the Easter weekend with us. I always enjoy it when family can come. We flew kites, played

, ate, visited, sang, took pictures and just had a good time. We missed Matt, and Connie and the other nieces and nephews from Michigan. We will see my older brother and wife, Corrinne, when they make the trip from Texas to Michigan. Jeremy and Julie and our grandkids were able to see everyone on Easter Sunday. I guess the highlight for me was to hear my sister, Diana, sing Sunday morning during our worship service.

Last weekend , Andrew, moved back home. He is transferring to a Wal-Mart store close by. He is going to be helping with the youth at church. As I write, he and his dad are working on his future room behind our garage. They are setting the blocks to get the floor ready to lay. It is good to have him home again. When he joined the church Sunday, he was

to find out that a new couple who recently joined had also been one of his cashiers at the Wal-Mart in Chesterfield, MO. God is good and Andrew was rejoicing to see Nick had come back to the Lord and his wife had been saved. They were both baptised Easter Sunday morning. His wife came to me after church and whispered to me that Nick said,
Read was the only positive influence in that store.
It made me proud and grateful that he
walked his talk.

At the pregnancy center, I enrolled my first client who is going to have twins! She is 18 and was still in shock when she came in yesterday saying,

there are two of them!
as she handed me her first ultrasound at 10 weeks. How exciting! I gave her a little baby replica at 10 weeks so she could see just how big her babies are right now tucked away being knit together in her womb.

Since, some work on our budget is calling out to me, I will say goodbye!

Blessing to all who visit here,


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