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It seems . . .

It seems after seeing my orthopedic that we will be trying a new treatment plan to help with pain management. That is if it is approved by our insurance. It will be one shot a week for five weeks. It is suppose to provide a type of lubricant for the knee joint. Do keep this in your prayers.

I am also going to have to find a chiropractor close to home to see if some adjustments will help my neck, shoulder, and arm pain. My orthopedic doesn't deal with this kind of problem.

Jeremy and Julie are close to signing on the dotted line for their first home. Though stressed out, they are looking forward to moving on. It is within walking distance of Jeremy's job and to where the grandkids take ballet and drama.

We are trying to be brave (smile), but it is going to be very difficult to adjust to life without the grandkids. Grandma Anna keeps saying, "I don't know what I'm going to do when they move." Christine, Anna and Noelle keep her entertained while Amie and James are doing school. Julie assures her they will visit often! But, truely, Grandpa and Grandma are going to miss them, too. We have enjoyed them more than we can say, but send them on with our blessings.

Jeremy was home with the kids one evening last week while Dick and I were out. When we came home, we heard this sweet little voice yelling, "Grandma, grandma, grandma!" Then she was quiet for a minute or so, then in a quite grownup voice said, "Daddy, I need to get out now!" (she was in bed) When Jeremy didn't respond, she tried again, "Daddy, I'm ready to get out now!". Finally, Jeremy let her get up to say goodnight. Anyway, you get the point!


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